Foreground-March 9th

Me and Michael Bobbie stapling mesh to the plywood contours.

Wire mesh on plywood

Today is an exciting day.  The Peabody construction shop guys cut out the plywood for the dune contours.  Michael Bobbie is here this morning and together we have screwed down the plywood, stapled wire mesh over the plywood, and we are putting plaster down over the mesh.  The dune has come together quickly.

Also, Alexis Brown was here yesterday working on the juniper.  I noticed she is adding extra branches to the larger branch to fill it out.  It is exactly what it needs and from the look of it, this one branch will probably be the bulk of the juniper that we need since the diorama is small.

I replaced the leaves on the False Solomon Seal.  Patrick Sweeney, who works in the herbarium, will visit (maybe today) to give another critique!  If it passes we may “plant” it in the dunes later in the week.

I have started to wire one of the warblers to make a taxidermy mount.  Unfortunately, as I tried to invert the head to put the glass eyes in, the neck tore about 1/2″.  So rather than rip it further, I re-inverted it and will position the eyes from the outside.  This is a little more fussy because I have to put mache in through the very small opening of the eye and not get it on the feathers.  The good news is that I have worked on a lot of less-than-perfect skins and have developed some techniques for putting them back together again so they look acceptable if not good enough for display.  When we get several mounts and models done, we will have an open critique to judge what should and should not be displayed.  I’ll ask our curators (and visitors too) what they think.

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