Warbler Work

Top view of the warbler carving finely painted by Dorie. No feathers yet-stay tuned!

Dorie Petrochko has been busy painting and experimenting with feather placement on the bird models.  She is getting some good results, though I am not certain we are there yet.  This is a very shallow diorama and the models, if we us them, have to be in the realm of unbelievable quality.  I know from previous experience that good carving and painting don’t cut it when you can get a close look of the models (They work beautifully in the distance).  Therefore we are trying to glue feathers to the model to soften the harder lines of the carving.  This is a huge challenge and will take some significant R & D.  If it works, we will have something we can use in many ways throughout the museum-not just in the dioramas.

Dorie is making a silicone mold of the beak on the taxidermy mount. Epoxy will be cast into this tiny mold. The epoxy cast of the beak will be glued into the carving. The lengths we have to go to!

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One Comment on “Warbler Work”

  1. Dorie Says:

    I look forward to working on the feather application this weekend.
    I will come in on Friday around 10:30 to pick up the models and paint.

    See you then


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