Volunteers III & IV

Jenny Briggs, our volunteer coordinator stopped me in the hall a week or so ago and told me that she had a volunteer that is interested in working in my lab and helping with the diorama foreground work.  I told her to schedule him to come by which she did.  Michael Bobbie and Jenny showed up yesterday morning.  Michael is a recent graduate of St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.  I showed him the lab and some of the work I was trying to get done for the diorama.  I showed him how I was sculpting the leaves of the False Solomon Seal in clay and I roughed one out for him.  I asked if he thought he would like to try one himself and he agreed to do so even though I then had to leave him and run up to the graphics dept and head out for lunch.  I told him I would be back by 1pm or so and that if he had to leave, he should lock up and turn out the lights.  When I got back at 1:15, the door was locked, lights out , and I discovered there were 2 completely finished leaves, beautifully sculpted exactly how I wanted them.  Michael you got a job!

My other volunteer, Kevin, comes sometimes with his daughter, Mariah.  Mariah, we found, likes museum work and worked intensely with her dad one day removing clay form the Torosaurus skull.  Now Kevin is roughing out Solomon Seal leaves.  Mariah loves to help, so I asked her to make a new board with clay so we can use it to sculpt more leaves.  Here she is at work! (Oh, by the way, it was “pajama day” at school that day)

Mariah and Kevin

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