Collecting Grasses and Juniper

Patrick Sweeney arranged to collect Canadian Rye grass and juniper with Glenn Dreyer at the Connecticut College Arboretum.  Glenn took us out to a field where Canadian Rye grass has been planted.   We found that it was interspersed in clumps throughout the field, but it was not abundant.  We collected about a dozen clumps, filling a garbage bag.  Typically, we would collect the whole plant with roots, but since the ground was frozen, we were only able to get a couple with roots.  Since the grass was not abundant, this will insure that the grass comes back next year.

Glenn Dreyer and Patrick Sweeney looking at Canadian Rye grass

From there, we drove over to the “official” arboretum which is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and looks like it has been around for a long time.  We walked through the frost-covered paths to a stand of juniper.  Surprisingly, there was a low ground-cover juniper and a more upright version of the same species (Juniperus communis).  They looked like totally different plants.

Patrick Sweeney standing next to the upright juniper.

The upright version looks to be what was painted in the diorama background so we decided to collect this.  There was only one problem, I had forgotten to take a saw!  Patrick jumped right into the middle of the bush, taking his hand clippers, with every intention of using it to “clip” several branches that were almost 2″ thick.  Fifteen minutes later, he had taken out four fairly large branches and a few smaller ones.  Either those clippers are really sharp or Patrick has some massive flexors!

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