Point Pelee Reptiles

This 17" hognose snake cast was produced by Dave Parsons, Peabody Museum preparator from 1952-1985. The detail and painting is exquisite and I hope to include it in the diorama.

Greg Watkins-Colwell, Peabody Museum’s herpetology guy, stopped by last week and talked with me about what species of reptiles might be included in the diorama.  He wrote the following e-mail listing finished models I already have in my cabinet.

Ontario has the following herps that could be used in the exhibit:

Hognose snake
Northern watersnake (same morph as ours… they also have redbelly watersnake which is a different species).

Spotted turtle (Point Pelee is known for that in fact)
Wood turtle
Snapping turtle.

They do NOT have box turtles!

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One Comment on “Point Pelee Reptiles”

  1. Sean Murtha Says:


    Is that truly a model or is it a cast? If the former, the carving on those scales is incredible.


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