Hamlin State Park-Lake Ontario

Today, my daughter Harriet (age eight) and my wife Celia took a drive from our Chritmas vacation destination south of Rochester to visit some parks along Lake Ontario.  Its only a 45 minute drive to the lake, but we then had to find a beach.  The area directly north of Rochester is cattail-covered marshland.  There were some inlets that were solidly frozen with a couple of  ice-fishing shelters with fishermen inside.  But the shoreline was rocky without a trace of sand.  We had to drive east to Hamlin State park to find a sandy beach.  This park is one I remember from twenty-two years ago when I rode my bicycle across the US.  I was six or seven days out of New Haven and I camped right on the edge of the lake.  I remember being able to see city lights across the water that  I thought was Toronto, but I never did confirm this.

Today, we didn’t have the nicest day.  It was in the low 40’s and there was a constant wind-whipped rain.  Harriet wanted to walk on the lake ice, but there were signs warning against this.  We came to see if there were any grasses and to take a sample of sand.  The park was quite well groomed and we didn’t find any Canadian rye.  After walking in the rain for a half hour and getting completey drenched, we decided to get our sample of sand and get out.

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