Taxidermy Started

I have started skinning birds for possible use in the diorama.  I went through my freezer and found 10 warblers from 1994 to 2002.  Even though my freezer is an old frost-free type (much preferable to the new self-defrosting ones), these birds will all have some form of freezer burn.  The skin dries out, usually on the head or neck areas and makes skinning much more difficult.  I started with a yellow warbler with a bad case of freezer burn.  I tried  to rehydrate it with a hypodermic needle, but still by the end, I had several “bullet holes” in the skin where it had ripped during skinning.  I was asked to minimize the bloody work while I work in the exhibit hall, so I will do this in my lab and l wire the birds together while I work in public.  My plan is to skin all 10 birds, mount them all, and choose the best ones for the diorama.   By the way, I am not a collector, ie. a hunter.  All birds I get are either picked up as roadkills, cat kills or window kills.  I have a permit through the museum and from the state to salvage dead birds.

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One Comment on “Taxidermy Started”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    Thank you for the informative taxidermy-diorama-museum presentation and added notation that the yellow warblers were all accidental kill donations. Saw a beautiful one today by the side of the road and reminded me to drive more slowly at this time of year (early May in upstate NY).

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